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What is Obama’s Real Education Agenda?

While the media has portrayed Obama as an "education reformer," the reality is just the opposite. His agenda will Federalize education, remove all accountability, and probably send academic performance plummeting.

In the aftermath of Obama’s controversial speech to America’s school children, it is a good time to take a look at the agenda his regime has planned for America’s public schools and let me assure you, it’s an agenda that all Americans should be concerned about.

The mainstream media has spread the myth that Obama is a serious education reformer due to the fact he supposedly supports educational choice, merit pay for good teachers, charter schools, etc., but like so much else with Obama, the actual facts tell a different story. In short, the agenda Obama has set for America’s public schools will likely set our schools back decades. The notion his “reforms” will actually improve public schools is naïve, if not downright foolish.

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Rick Amato Show

The Rick Amato Show is San Diego's only locally-based conservative talk radio show.  Airing Monday -Thursday, 9-11 PM on KCBQ 1170 AM, the Rick Amato show is a hard-hitting talk show that covers foreign policy, economic  issues, social issues, and the abuses of the Obama regime.  I love this show but I also happen to be one of its producers.

The Western Center

The Western Center For Journalism is one of the nation's leading websites exposing Media bias and publishes hard-hitting exposes on the Obama administration that the mainstream media refuses to cover.   I am a senior fellow with the Western Center.

Expose Obama

Perhaps the nation's leading website exposes the crimes and ethical conduct of most corrupt presidency in American history is  I also write for them.